Alitura Naturals Moisturizer
$49.00 – $79.00
The Alitura Naturals Moisturizer
Made with 95.4% organic ingredients, this moisturizer is rich in essential oils and super-food extracts and features an exclusive MIRON violet glass bottle that eliminates the need for toxic preservatives.
Pure, Natural, and Organic Beeswax
  •  This moisturizer features beeswax sourced from organically managed hives located on the Hawaiian islands, renowned for their purity and sustainability.
  •  This beeswax provides better skin conditioning and healing than many botanicals, slowing the signs of aging and repairing damaged skin tissues.
  • Combined with other ingredients into a unique bioactive base, this moisturizer provides support to nourish and enrich your skin thanks to its innovative and natural approach.
Supported by Proven, Effective Organic Botanicals
  •  Includes raw, unprocessed Wilelaiki honey as a botanical ingredient, preserving the beneficial qualities of honey without subjecting it to commercial filtration methods.
  •  Organic sea buckthorn provides high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals, is a source of amino acids, and releases concentrations of damage-repairing antioxidants into your skin.
  •  German blue chamomile is naturally high in azuline, a phytochemical that gives the flower its brilliant blue hue and that provides natural anti-inflammatory and skin healing action.
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