Alitura Naturals Body Lotion
The Alitura Naturals Body Lotion
Acting like a “second skin,” this high-performance body lotion helps to defy the aging process by providing protection against harsh environmental pollutants. At the same time, Alitura Body Lotion moisturizes your skin, leaving it feeling baby-smooth and clear.
Brightening Your Complexion Naturally and Effectively
  •  Silky-smooth organic oils both aid in hydration and also protect your skin from damage from outside sources while providing a creamy, rich texture that looks and feels luxurious.
  •  Nutritive plant elements rich in antioxidants help to halt the effects of aging and even turn back time, bringing a healthy glow back to your skin with repeated use.
  • Botanicals help to preserve the beauty of your skin while also providing the soothing, attractive scents of organically-sourced Australian sandalwood, rosehips, and even more.
Specialized Ingredients Held to the Highest of Cosmetic Standards
  •  Alitura Body Lotion only contains the highest quality of ingredients, proven to safeguard skin and repair damage done in the past.
  •  Therapeutic grade essential oils, organic beeswax, and olive oil – all well known for their protectant qualities – are used to encourage better skin health, especially with repeated use.
  • This body lotion is filled with exotic, specialized ingredients such as andiroba oil, organic green coffee oil, and organic acai butter, specially formulated to protect and heal.
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