Alitura Naturals Shaving Serum
Alitura Naturals Shaving Serum
Effective for both men and women, this all-in-one shaving serum is perfect for pre- and post-shave as it both prepares the skin for shaving and protects it from damage afterward thanks to its healing and regenerative powers.
No Harsh Chemicals, No Stripping The Surface of Your Skin
  •  Alitura Shaving Serum eschews harsh chemical ingredients, ensuring that those who do use the serum have no worries of burned, sensitive skin after shaving.
  •  Rejuvenate the skin and heal it on a cellular level thanks to a unique formula that combines exotic ingredients like CoQ-10, Australian sandalwood, and marine collagen.
  • Restore your skin’s bacterial balance with the application of this shaving serum, paving the way to healthier, better-looking skin and higher overall levels of health.
Organic Ingredients Provide Unparalleled Purity
  •  95% of the ingredients used by Alitura in the creation of its Shaving Serum are organic, providing high levels of safety and an all-natural approach to skin care.
  •  Organic ingredients are sourced from around the globe, including premium essential oils that moisturize and protect skin from the perils of the razor blade.
  • Minimize wrinkles and fine lines, providing a smoother, closer shave with fewer nicks, cuts, and irritation to wherever it is you’re shaving.
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