Alitura Naturals Pearl Cleanser
Alitura Naturals Pearl Cleanser
A unique facial cleanser for all skin types, gentle enough to be used every day but still strong enough to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Subtle exfoliants and natural plant botanicals make this product safe and effective.
Unleash the Power of Freshwater Pearls
  •  An ancient Chinese beauty secret, powdered freshwater pearl has been used for skin cleansing for generations.
  • Powdered pearl is a micro-exfoliant rich in magnesium and calcium, providing much-needed skin brightening and smoothing without damaging the skin.
  • Cleanses without any harsh surfactants, providing safe alternatives to traditional facial cleansers or those without organic or natural ingredients.
Rare and Beneficial Plant Botanicals
  •  Alitura Pearl Cleanser contains rare and beneficial plant botanicals such as marine collagen and wild tremella mushroom to gently but thoroughly cleanse the face, leaving it bright, clean, and revitalized.
  •  Notes of organic Australian sandalwood and wildcrafted violet provide an enticing and invigorating scent, while organic green coffee and organic panax ginseng provide energy and stimulation to your skin cells.
  • Gentle while being both concentrated and potent for the safest and most natural facial cleanse experience of your life.
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